Airsoft Skirmishes Montana
Airsoft Montana X-Team Zoo Town Gear Soft



ICS GALIL ARM.  Includes two hicap mags.  Upgraded to 400+ FPS.  Weatherized for authentic appearance.  $250.00, plus shipping.  E-mail Tom at   

 LCT MGMS:  Never fielded, weatherized for authentic appearence.  Facory upgraded with 120 power spring.  With original box and an LCT Hicap.  $300.00, shipping extra.  Email Tom at  

Echo 1 AK47.  Fielded once.  $100.00 with a hicap mag, plus shipping.  E-mail Tom at


CLASSIC ARMY M15A1 VIETNAM.  Fielded one weekend at the SA "Khe Sanh" OP.  Weatherized for an authentic appearance.  Includes a hicap mag.  $200.00, plus shipping.  Email Tom at 



ICS M4 CQB:  Original M4 barrel and handguard group is replaced with a JBU "Commando" barrel and rail group.  JBU tightbore barrel.  ICS PEQ box with laser pointing feature.  BSA red dot reflex sight.   Includes one hicap mag.  $250.00, shipping is extra.  Email Tom at 


 CLASSIC ARMY XM177:  Never fielded.  Weatherized for authentic appearence.  Includes one CA Hicap, original box and manual.  $200.00, shipping extra.  Email Tom at