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Airsoft Montana's rules and regulations.

1) AEGs (Airsoft Electric Gun) are required to chronograph NO FASTER than 425 fps with .20 gram BBs.  (Please note that a 25 foot NO FIRE rule is in effect).

2) Semi auto/ bolt action Sniper rifles are required to chronograph NO FASTER than 600 fps with .20 gram BBs. (Please note that a 100 foot NO FIRE rule is in effect).  Only those persons who hold a current sniper qualification certificate from recognized airsoft organizations may deploy a sniper rifle which chronos from 425 to 600 FPS at an Airsoft Montana sponsored event. 

3) Certain “Specialty Weapons”; ie: machine guns used as support weapons, may be allowed to chronograph NO FASTER than 475 fps with .20 gram BBs. (Please note that a 75 foot NO FIRE is in effect); machine guns that do not exceed 425 FPS are exempt from the rule and are considered as assault weapons in the same class as AEG.  Only those persons who hold a current support weapon qualification certificate from a recognized airsoft organization may deploy any support weapon which chronos from 425 to 475 FPS at an Airsoft Montana event.  Support weapons must be replicas of genuine support weapons; ie,  Light and heavy machines guns:  M60, RPK, M249, M240, MG42, M2, and similar weapons.  An M4, MP5 or similar with a box mag is NOT a support weapon

4) ANSI Z87.1 rated glasses or goggles are required. Goggles that make SEALABLE contact to the face is required for players under 18 years of age. Paintball goggles ARE allowed for airsoft play. The ONLY exception to this are the mesh goggles made specifically for airsoft in mind. *PLEASE NOTE* As of 4/02/10 mesh goggles will need to be "stamped steel" mesh

5) Face masks are NOT REQUIRED, although they are suggested. Chipped/ broken teeth are not unheard of at the speeds which airsoft projectiles travel. BE ADVISED. Replica helmets and vests are also available to players by retailers that do offer protection from BBs.  Mouthguards as used for football and other sports are highly recommended and can be purchased at Walmart or similar stores for a small cost.

6) Players who take their eye protection off during a skirmish will be given a verbal warning, a second offense will result in the offender  being ejected from the game. Multiple infractions will result in banishment from Airsoft Montana functions.

7) Never point your airsoft replica weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot. In other words PRACTICE SAFE MUZZLE CONTROL AT ALL TIMES. Between games, make sure your safety is on at all times, remove your magazine, and keep your airsoft replica pointed down or up, or away from other players. Multiple infractions will result in banishment from Airsoft Montana functions.

8 ) Airsoft is a game of honor, there are no visible marks left behind on the uniform. It is up to each and every player to determine whether they have been hit or not. CALL YOUR HITS!. Multiple infractions will result in banishment from Airsoft Montana functions

9) Airsoft uses 1:1 scale replica firearms in its sport. DO NOT BRANDISH YOUR REPLICA IN PUBLIC. This not only includes coming and going from airsoft events. It also includes while at home. If a law enforcement officer enters a playing area, place the replica at your feet and step away.

10) The officers and administration of Airsoft Montana reserve the right to take disciplinary action against any participant that is deemed unsafe, unethical, or unlawful.

11) *NOTE* As of 12/11/07, barrel condoms will be required for all players. If your gun is at the dead pool and not in "play" a barrel condom is REQUIRED on the muzzle at all times.  A cased weapon meets the requirement for a barrel condom

12) *NOTE* As of 4/22/07, In engagements of 25 feet and under, when one player has the complete drop on the other player. The player who has the other player covered is obliged to call out "safety kill" in a loud commanding voice. Once "safety kill" has been invoked, the player that was unaware of the other players presence is REQUIRED to surrender, put his weapon above his head, pull out his dead rag and walk back to the dead zone. Under no circumstances is there to be an argument about the safety kill. If a player feels that another player is abusing this rule, please voice your concerns to the field admin, NOT the player invoking the rule.
This rule also applies to ALL airsoft weaponry.


 13) *Note* As of 3/15/10, participants in Airsoft Montana events must be no younger than 18 years of age unless accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian who also participates in the combat.  Participants between the ages of 15 to 17 years, inclusive, may participate when accompanied by such a parent or legal guardian.  Special consideration may be taken at the discretion of Airsoft Montana admins to modify this rule according to circumstances.


14)  The carrying of real firearms, (Real Steel), is prohibited at all Airsoft Montana sponsored events except under controlled circumstances.  These circumstances include, but are not limited to, blank-fire to simulate actual gunfire, projectile-launching devices, or other combat simulations.  Such use of Real Steel is to be under the strict control of Airsoft Montana administration or those persons officially designated to operate such devices.  No exceptions:  first-time violation will result in the immediate removal of the offender and a permanent ban of the individual(s) from Airsoft Montana events. 



Airsoft Montana sniper qualification course




Individual Participant Gear Requirements:
Ghillie Suit, or Multicam
Bolt action, semi-automatic Sniper Rifle with sling,
sidearm with holster, or approved SMG
Drinking Water
Food (Bring lunch)

Fitness Prerequisites:
Be able to low crawl for up to 50 meters in brush and uneven terrain
Be able to sprint for up to 25 meters

NOTE: If you do not have the required gear or cannot meet the minimum fitness requirement, please do not sign up. If you show up the day of the class without the required gear you will be turned away. Do not ask if you can attend the course just so you can get the experience.

Billet Description:
The sniper is responsible for the tactical deployment of his weapons system by providing accurate, long-range fire on individual enemy targets during full spectrum combat operations. The sniper is also an intelligence asset, someone who can quickly assess the enemy threat situation and provide accurate reporting to friendly forces.

Billet Capabilities:

~Be able to perform operator-level maintenance on the sniper rifle as needed.
~Be able to perform operator-level maintenance on secondary weapon.
~Is a proficient marksman with sniper rifle as well as secondary weapon.
~Is able to effectively engage targets at both known and unknown distances with both the primary and secondary weapons.
~Is able to close with and engage targets without being detected.

Training Course.
~Known Distance Marksmanship (Pistol/SMG)
~Known Distance Marksmanship (Rifle)
~50 meter Combat Shoot (Pistol/SMG)
~Sniper Stalk (Rifle)

Training Event #1:  Known Distance Marksmanship (Pistol/SMG)
~With a pistol or approved SMG and (1) loaded magazine be able to engage (2) targets at 10 and 20 feet. At each range you are allowed five shots per target.  SMGs are limited to semi-auto fire only for this event.
~To demonstrate competency you must hit three out of five shots on each target at both ranges.
~Time limit on this event is 5 minutes.

Training Event #2:  Known Distance Marksmanship (Sniper Rifle)
~With a sniper rifle engage (2) targets at 25 and 50 meters from two of three positions: Prone support, kneeling and standing supported. You have two shots on each target.
~To demonstrate minimum competency you must make one hit on each target, two hits total.
~Time limit on this event is 5 minutes.

Training Event #3:  50m Combat Shoot (Pistol/SMG)

~With a pistol or approved SMG and (1) loaded magazine you will be assigned to a lane with three targets at 10 meter intervals. The participant must sprint to each target and fire no less than three shots before continuing to the next target. The shooter can use any position they want to engage targets.  SMG and full-auto pistols may use either semi or full-auto for this event, providing their magazines are not fully expended during the course of the event.
~The shooter must have their sniper rifle slung across their back during this course.
~To demonstrate competency you must hit each target no less than two times.
~Time limit on this event is 2 minutes from the moment the participant crosses the starting   


~Participants may not empty their mag during this event

Training Event #4 Sniper Stalk
~With a sniper rifle and a ghillie, or Multicam suit you will be assigned a lane through which you must stealthily navigate.
~There will be instructors on the course looking for participants. If the participant is discovered, they will be fired upon by the instructors.  The participants must return fire and if they score a hit on the instructor before being hit themselves, they may continue.  If hit by the instructor first, they will be sent back to the beginning of the course.
~Otherwise avoiding detection, the participant will need to close with and engage one target, scoring at least one hit on the target. The participant only needs to score one hit on target to pass this training event.
~Time limit on this event is 45 minutes.

Note: The Airsoft Montana Sniper Course is open to everyone that would like to take the program. We hold the course once a year;  the course is a pre-requisite to using a sniper rifle at an Airsoft Montana event.

However if you are a member of one of the following organizations with which we have a standing working relationship we will respect your internally managed sniper training program within your respective organizations:

Spokane Airsoft

1st Sword
TC Jokers
TF Stryker